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Welcome to Boycott The Bookstore.


Boycott The Bookstore is an online community where college and university students are able to buy, sell or trade their used textbooks with other students for cheap. Now you will be able to purchase used text books from other students instead of going to the college/university bookstore for much less and you will be able to get more money for your book instead of selling it back to the college bookstore. Boycott The Bookstore allows you to search your college or university for used textbooks.


What does Boycott The Bookstore do and how does it work?


Boycott The Bookstore is set up to be a kind of the "Craigslist" for textbooks. If you have books you want to sell, you can click on the "Sell Your Books" link above (after you create a free account). This will create an "ad" for your book which other students can search for. On your "ad", there will be a place for them to contact you (directly through our web site, your email address is not revealed to anyone unless you respond back to them). When they contact you about a book, you will receive an e-mail from them and can choose to respond to it or not.


If you want to find what books have been posted, click the "Books For Sale" link at the top of the page and find out which books people are putting up for sale. It's easy!


PLEASE NOTE, we are not in the business of selling books or buying books from people. This is an online community for college and university students to post books that they want to sell and to find books they want to buy. It is up to the buyers and the sellers to come up with the way arrange payment, exchange the books and etc. Boycott The Bookstore suggests finding someone locally or at your college/university for books, this is because you can meet up with them on campus to make the proper arrangements (such as exchange, payment and to eliminate shipping charges or Pay Pal charges.) Like we said, we are a kind of a "Craigslist" of textbooks.

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